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4415-660 Lever | Portugal
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Douro River trips

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Porto Wine Cellars

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Biological Park Vila Nova de Gaia

The 35 hectar park has much to see whether it is raining or the Sun is shining...

The flora, fauna, fungi in their natural habitat together with the geological formation of the terraine make the discovery of the different aspects of the park a pleasurable exercise.

The park is also a small natural reserve for fauna and flora which is home to over 40 species of wild birds which rest there besides as many others who visit during their migratory flights.

The park also contains a recuperation centre for wild animals which have been slightly wounded or illegally kept in captivity.

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Visit round the city of OPorto

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Visit to the area where OPorton wine is grown and made

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Club de Golf de Miramar
Special conditions:
25% discount for clients of Quinta de Mourães

Clube da Quinta do Fojo
Special conditions:
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OPorto Golf Club
Special conditions:
40% discount for clients of Quinta de Mourães

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Schist house Rododendron House Gardens

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